Staffing and Hiring

At WMS we only recruit, hire, and maintain quality sales representatives. All agents are prescreened, and must pass a series of background checks before becoming part of our team. All campaigns are treated with intense scrutiny and our management team has a combined total of 58 years of experience in sales, energy, and telecom.

All of our sales campaigns are designed to allow the most effective mass marketing of any given territory. WMS follows a system of lead sheets, mapping, and agent distribution. Our agents always work in a team setting and are always in the vicinity of on site management to maintain quality, maximize territory, and to handle any and all problems promptly. At the end of every sales day all materials, collateral, and completed paperwork are collected and sent to our home office for immediate processing. Agents are always provided uniforms and/or they must dress business casual depending on the program and the client’s request. Last, all agents are branded and given a badge according to the clients specifications.